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Matte Pointe Shoe Makeup

Style No: 1101KTS
OUR PRICE: $10.39
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For years, ballerinas worldwide have applied Kryolan Aqua Color makeup with a slight pale pink tint to achieve matte finished pointe shoes. Aqua Color is a makeup that can be effortlessly applied with a moistened sponge or brush. Gently buff in with a soft cloth after drying for the best results. All sales are final.


  • Glycerin-based compact makeup

6 to 12 Available

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  • Anonymous   11/20/2023

    5 star rating


    We have to pancake our pointe shoes before every performance. This product works great and even though it is a small container, it lasts for several uses. Easy to use with a small makeup blender to give your shoes great coverage.

    Age: 15 to 18     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Dancer421198   01/26/2015

    4 star rating


    I purchased this after my last 'pancaked' pair shrunk (using calamine) and it was extremely painful to dance in at recital. I hoped this would help with the shrinking. I was rather shocked and disappointed when I received the package in the mail. It is an EXTREMELY small container. When I bought it, I figured it would last a few pairs or so. However, when I applied it I realized it spreads very nicely, and hardly used any for a pair of shoes! (we are talking the top is hardly touched at all!) I am very happy. I applied using a damp washcloth and then applying the makeup to it. The shoes hardly even got wet, and the color matches very well. I wear Russian Pointe Encore, so it may match the lightness a little better than Capezio or Bloch. I ended up being rather pleased with the turnout. :)

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • FlaDanceMom   01/25/2014

    5 star rating


    This is easy to use!! My daughter's teacher recommends this on the shoes to make the leg line look longer and get rid of the shine of the shoe on stage. It also helps get rid of bad scuffs and make the shoes look more uniform. (Think about it...doesn't everyone need the same color tights, for example? Well, pointe shoes are harder because everyone wears different brands and that means different colors. Some are MUCH MORE pink or salmon or whitish.# Travels nice and doesn't spill. #I keep it in a Ziploc with sponge and rag.) We keep it in our comp kit. Make sure you stuff your shoes #newspaper or old rags#. Simply use damp #not wet# sponge and apply to shoes, including ribbon. Not too thick! Let dry. Some people use an old rag and kind of buff the shoes. There will be a little powder come off. I prefer-->After they are dry, I just spray with aerosol hairspray to set the product and so it doesn't powder off. #Do not use kryolan or hairspray on bottom of box.) We do not use calamine lotion because it is very liquid, pink and when the shoes dry, they tend to shrink!!

    Age: 30-39    

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  • Dancequeen   09/08/2012

    4 star rating


    It took me about an hour and a half to do both shoes and it was difficult to put on. But it made my dirty pointe shoes look great

    Age: 15-18    

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  • Anonymous   12/04/2011

    5 star rating

    I LOVED this product really loked great onstage and it completed the look of my point shoes!But I would recommend taking a towel and dabbing it on so you dont get it all over your hands!Also really easy to travel with, it doesn't spill!

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Kate   05/25/2008

    5 star rating


    To matte your shoes so they don't shine on stage and give your foot and leg a better line. Does the trick for me!

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?28417 thumbs up328417 thumbs down3

  • Anonymous   10/08/2007
    St Petersburg, Russia,

    2 star rating


    I purchased this in hopes that it would cover up the scuffs on frequently worn pointe shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes now look like I covered them in cream coloured chalk. The shine of the satin was replaced by a matte finish, and they look bad on stage and at class. I would not buy it unless you are willing to live with the new unprofessional appearance.

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Garbear     04/04/2013
    Age: 17 or under    

    I got dirt in the box of my brand new pointe shoes and i was wondering, will this make that disappea

    The Kryolan is meant to cover the shine, not dirt. It may help but it is not reccommended.
    - DDS Customer Service (04/05/2013)

    This will not make it disappear as if you are painting over it and covering it. It will make scuffs less noticeable. If you are covering for stage, it will be fine. You don't want your point shoes to look "brand new" or "perfect"!! Look at videos of professional dancers! If your shoes look worn in it's because you are dancing in them and working them! Good luck! - Fladancemom (01/25/2014)

    I know its been a long time since this has been asked, but when other people see this, maybe it will help. :) Firstly, I would like to say that pancaking is usually not done unless used for recital. It would probably be best to ask your teacher before doing this, because it could leave some powdery spots on the floor for a while. Next, I would like to say that pancaking is usually done so that during a performance everybody matches (somewhat), your shoes arent shiny and distracting, and it is also very flattering for your leg line! It will make your shoes matte and chalky (chalky for only a little while) and it will NEVER come off. It also is kind of transparent, and most likely wont cover much scuffs or dirt. Worn pointe shoes show hard work! Goodluck! - Dancer421198 (01/27/2015)

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